Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Goals

Jena at Modish Biz Tips wrote an email about setting goals, not just our ourselves, but to put our goals out there for others to see. I like this idea because it is like having someone else looking over our shoulders and making us feel guilty and/or to help us stay focused on accomplishing our goals. I am a goal setter, but I know that I really accomplish a goal when someone else is watching!

So here goes:

I will set four goals for April, here they are:
  1. Design 8 stationery sets for my Etsy shop Deer Sweetheart Studio
  2. To contact 4 blogs to have my shop written about in their blogs
  3. To finish the layout for my own blog
  4. To purchase 1 ad on a blog
  5. Do a freebie for Modish
Right now, I am growing my business. I have impatience, fear, eagerness, but most of all, I have fortitude and perseverance.


  1. Hi,
    I'm on the Monthly Goal wagon too.
    I haven't opened my Etsy shop yet but will be stealing some of your April goals when I do. I find self promotion tricky!
    Good Luck with your goals,
    I like your work too.

  2. Thanks Andrea,

    I work better and get most things done with a goal list. But I usually get everything done when someone else is looking over my shoulder.