Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Goals

June was a very good month - I accomplished quite a bit.

1. Choose four design styles to remove from shop. Done
2. Contact 4 blogs for shop feature write-up – this was changed to 2 blogs to allow bloggers to return feedback.
3. Design a freebie for Modish – got an invitation to design a freebie – YEAH!!!!!! Done
4. Start reading “The Secret” – my daughter told me about this book, says it will help me become more successful, she should know because she certainly is! Done

I was very excited to get an invitation from Jena Coray at Modish to design a special freebie for her blog and so I designed Sunflower Bird Note Card + envelope. The reader response was very, very good.

In fact, I received another invitation from Ann Martin of “All Things Paper” who wanted to design a version of the Sunflower Note Card in the filigree style. Check out Ann’s version of Sunflower Bird Note Card on my blog. It’s absolutely fabulous!!!

Anyway, my July Goals are as follows:

  1. Find new outlets to market my children’s products outside of Etsy.
  2. Launch 2 new baby/children products. I am introducing pdf templates for primary aged children.
  3. Read all of my Etsy emails for promotions and tips, etc. – get organized here.
  4. I have a lot of views, a lot of window shopping. I need to turn these views into sales and get at least 15 sales for July.
  5. Need to still streamline my products – to have a stronger, streamlined look. I think my shop has too many of different styles, customers may be overwhelmed.
  6. To create two new calling cards designs.
  7. Oh yes, reading The Secret has helped me to relax and have more confidence. Still reading and practicing my visualizations. Great mental yoga!
I have a log of goals for July, and I am looking forward to increasing the awareness of my business and to having more sales!!!!

Thanks again to Jena at Modish for helping us to stay focused on our business goals and achievements!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summertime Creative Projects for Youngsters

Keep your kids busy this summer with printable Numbers 1-10 Coloring Cards. Make learning numbers 1-10 fun and easy with these printable numbers coloring cards. There are circles to be colored to help learn adding and a balloon for a reward.

Use these printable numbers 1-10 coloring cards as:

  • Favors at birthday parties and holiday get-togethers
  • For the stay-at-home moms/dads, learning time also becomes fun time.
  • Parents, bring these cards with you to help keep youngsters busy and to keep boredom at bay. Especially on those long car trips!

Complete set of pdf templates to download Numbers 1-10 Coloring Cards, available at my Etsy shop.