Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zoo Animals Personalized Note Card Set

I just love, love, love going to the zoo and have designed a set of personalized note cards of some of my favorite animals.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Modern Dots Thank You Note Card Set

New arrivals in Etsy shop:

Set of 8 Thank You flat note cards with matching envelopes. Printed on smooth white eco-friendly card stock.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Knitters

There is something so magical about beautiful hand-knitted clothing. The skill and craftsmanship of the knitters is just mesmerizing. Here are three designers at Etsy where I just absolutely love their designs.

I am a deep fan of fine chocolate, in food and fashion. Designed by Elena of Tickled Pink Knits, her Rococco Shawl makes such a beautiful statement:

Another lovely piece designed by Bernadette of Berniolie. A wool white Capelet Cowl is definitely a show stopper.

What a beautiful sweater created by Nihan of Design by Nihan. Look at that collar, it will definitely keep the chill away here in Chicago.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue Daisies - Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

New modern, contemporary daisies were recently presented in my shop . . .

I think Blue Daisies would make a great Mother's Day gift!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory

Now here is a place that has a menu to satisfy everyone's taste buds. After sight seeing and shopping up and down Michigan Avenue - that Magnificant Mile, finish your mile walk by stopping at The Cheesecake Factory, located in the John Hancock building.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crocuses Are Popping Up All Over

We were all ready to bring out the lawn furniture thinking that winter was finally over. But old man winter gave us a bit of another snow storm a week ago, making us pout a little bit longer. Too bad, old man winter, those crocuses are not going to be bullied about and instead have popped their way through for all to see their springtime beauty.

Things I Love About Chicago

Chicago is a city of love and hate. The weather for instance. I mean, in the summer the beaches and the lakefront make you want to call in sick that day at work. And you do only to find your boss at the beach that day too. Summers are the best, best time in Chicago. The winter - oh no!!!! Winds so strong, a little person like me needs to hold on tight to somebody or I could be blown into the street!

Anyway, spring is coming soon and people are coming out again in, crowding the sidewalks and enjoying the sights, architecture, sounds and the beauty of Chicago in bloom.

I will include photographs that capture the essence of Chicago, what makes Chicago so special! Do you love architecture and art. Well I sure in the heck do, a lot. Chicago is full of new art, the Millenium Park, new Skyscrapers - thank you Mr. Trump and good old Buckingham Fountain is up and running again.

Below is Flamingo by Alexander Calder, standing 53 feet tall in front of the Federal Building since 1974.

April Goals - Design

Design #1: Three Daisies Note Card Set, with a chocolate envelope lined in dark red.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Goals

Jena at Modish Biz Tips wrote an email about setting goals, not just our ourselves, but to put our goals out there for others to see. I like this idea because it is like having someone else looking over our shoulders and making us feel guilty and/or to help us stay focused on accomplishing our goals. I am a goal setter, but I know that I really accomplish a goal when someone else is watching!

So here goes:

I will set four goals for April, here they are:
  1. Design 8 stationery sets for my Etsy shop Deer Sweetheart Studio
  2. To contact 4 blogs to have my shop written about in their blogs
  3. To finish the layout for my own blog
  4. To purchase 1 ad on a blog
  5. Do a freebie for Modish
Right now, I am growing my business. I have impatience, fear, eagerness, but most of all, I have fortitude and perseverance.