Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful paper designer, Ann Martin. She does these fabulous designs in a style called "filigree." The skill of designing with strips of paper creates a 3 dimensional art piece. Look what Ann created with my Sunflower Bird note card:

Hello . . . is Ann fabulous or what!!!

Check out Ann's blog "All Things Paper", you will discover other fabulous filigree paper designs!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am giving away a Summer FREEBIE - Sunflower Bird Note Card pdf template - Visit the fabulous Modish Blog to download your free note card set.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Printable Note Cards in Red, White and Blue

For the festivities and parties for the coming summer - send a fun Thank You note card to all those people who included you on their guests lists. This printable pdf template makes it economical and a quick solution to show your appreciation.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Goals:

The accomplishments of my May goals were uh . . .

OK, I have to admit, I became discombobulated during the end of May and at the beginning of this month as well. I seem to be frozen in a state of confusion because I am trying to get my shop to have a strong brand look. The problem is that I like to create whatever I dream up, but the result is that my shop has too many different styles. I am having a hard time creating a distinct design style that will brand my shop. So, what this confusion is producing is non-action, or maybe I should say I am still thinking.

Alright, let me at least put down something . . .

1. Choose four design styles to remove from shop.
2. Contact 4 blogs for shop feature write-up
3. Design a freebie for Modish – got an invitation to design a freebie – YEAH!!!!!!
4. Start reading “The Secret” – my daughter told me about this book, says it will help me become more successful, she should know because she certainly is!

Update on April Goals:

1. Design 8 stationery sets for my Etsy shop, Deer Sweetheart Studio. - Done
2. To contact 4 blogs to have my shop written about in their blogs. - Done
3. To finish the layout for my own blog. - Done
4. To purchase one ad on a blog. - Done
5. Do a freebie for Modish.

Well, I accomplished 4 out of 5 of my April goals. Trying to accomplish my goals is really a challenge as I have too many pots on the stove. What I have noticed though is that if I make a “to do list” at the beginning of the day, I am able to accomplish all of the items on the list. When I try to accomplish goals by just keeping them in my head, I get more overwhelmed. So obviously, it is best to make a “to do list” everyday. It’s like feng shui, very orderly and neat.

I did not accomplish April goal #5, making a freebie for Modish because a freebie has to be an invitation. So that is something for the future.

May Goals:

1. To re-list products throughout the day.
2. To upload three new designs a week – need to get more products in shop.
3. To make a chart for advertising – cost vs. hits – which blog ad is more cost
4. To contact 4 blogs for shop feature write-up.
5. To weed out designs in shop that are not getting a certain number of views.

What has been achieved by listing products throughout the day - I have been featured in three Treasuries to date. That makes me feel that re-listing does achieve recognition of my shop, so this activity is productive.

My focus for May is to just increase designs in shop that produce strong interest in my visitors. I know that sales will follow once my shop has a consistent brand look, with desirable products that customers find a need to purchase.

Thanks again to Modish for helping us keep focused on our goals!