Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Goals:

The accomplishments of my May goals were uh . . .

OK, I have to admit, I became discombobulated during the end of May and at the beginning of this month as well. I seem to be frozen in a state of confusion because I am trying to get my shop to have a strong brand look. The problem is that I like to create whatever I dream up, but the result is that my shop has too many different styles. I am having a hard time creating a distinct design style that will brand my shop. So, what this confusion is producing is non-action, or maybe I should say I am still thinking.

Alright, let me at least put down something . . .

1. Choose four design styles to remove from shop.
2. Contact 4 blogs for shop feature write-up
3. Design a freebie for Modish – got an invitation to design a freebie – YEAH!!!!!!
4. Start reading “The Secret” – my daughter told me about this book, says it will help me become more successful, she should know because she certainly is!

Update on April Goals:

1. Design 8 stationery sets for my Etsy shop, Deer Sweetheart Studio. - Done
2. To contact 4 blogs to have my shop written about in their blogs. - Done
3. To finish the layout for my own blog. - Done
4. To purchase one ad on a blog. - Done
5. Do a freebie for Modish.

Well, I accomplished 4 out of 5 of my April goals. Trying to accomplish my goals is really a challenge as I have too many pots on the stove. What I have noticed though is that if I make a “to do list” at the beginning of the day, I am able to accomplish all of the items on the list. When I try to accomplish goals by just keeping them in my head, I get more overwhelmed. So obviously, it is best to make a “to do list” everyday. It’s like feng shui, very orderly and neat.

I did not accomplish April goal #5, making a freebie for Modish because a freebie has to be an invitation. So that is something for the future.

May Goals:

1. To re-list products throughout the day.
2. To upload three new designs a week – need to get more products in shop.
3. To make a chart for advertising – cost vs. hits – which blog ad is more cost
4. To contact 4 blogs for shop feature write-up.
5. To weed out designs in shop that are not getting a certain number of views.

What has been achieved by listing products throughout the day - I have been featured in three Treasuries to date. That makes me feel that re-listing does achieve recognition of my shop, so this activity is productive.

My focus for May is to just increase designs in shop that produce strong interest in my visitors. I know that sales will follow once my shop has a consistent brand look, with desirable products that customers find a need to purchase.

Thanks again to Modish for helping us keep focused on our goals!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I can understand the whole struggling to find a strong brand style thing, I kinda have a similar thing going on. But I'm sure you will figure it out! Look forward to seeing how you get on :) Glitterysah x

  2. Thanks Glitterysah . . . one foot forward, then the next . . . and keep on going!

  3. Just dropping by from the Modish goals list. I hope your June is going well!

  4. Thanks Cravings Frocks . . . June goals are on schedule. Reading "The Secret" is amazing, just have to reprogram my thinking.