Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is one fabulous perspective of the Calder Flamingo sculpture here in Chicago. My wonderful "brother-in-law" Foster is a fellow photographer. I am completely in awe of his work. One of the reasons I admire his work is because, I will photograph a subject and he will photograph the same subject and his image totally blasts me out of the water.

This of course, encourages me to see differently, to stop seeing straight on and to look up, under and around. Anywhere, but not to look straight on. Very impressed with his work, it encourages me to work harder and to see differently as a photographer.

Take a look at his work here:

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  1. Viola, you know I blush easily...don't you? Coming from you, your compliment carries a lot of weight. Goes without saying that I love photography and I am always looking to shoot something or to admire the work of others. Thanks for recognition :>)